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Meet Our Chef



Chef Joseph Brantley is a young, rising star in the Hill Country culinary world. A Hill Country native, Chef Brantley crafts stunning dishes in a rustic style using fresh, local ingredients including tasty soups and decadent desserts made from scratch.


Brantley's roots in the culinary industry run deep. His mother, who is also a chef, was his way into the kitchen.


           "My mom had to work late so she would pick me up from

           school and take me to hang out with her at work, " Chef

           Brantley recalls. "Probably my first memory of the industry

           was when I was 8 years old slicing eggs for my mom."


Chef Brantley worked his way up in the kitchen as many chefs do, learning the ropes as he went. Along the way, he has worked at several notable Hill Country dining establishments. At the young age of sixteen, Chef Brantley was the evening Chef for The Cypress Grill and Cartewheels Catering, a premier Hill Country catering and dining establishment. Chef Brantley then went on to be the Sous Chef for the Welfare Cafe. For the last seven years, Joseph was the Executive Chef of The Terrace Grill at Riven Rock Ranch. Joseph and his staff prepared gourmet breakfasts for resort guests in addition to lunch and dinner services and special events.


A combination of hard work and a highly attuned palette has led to the development of eclectic, regional menu items as well as dishes with an international influence. Chef Brantley keeps a keen eye on developments and innovations in the culinary world in order to merge these ideas with the bountiful local resources at his disposal to present modern Hill Country cuisine that you will be dying to come back for!

259 Brantley's Bistro Boerne Texas
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